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Youngers' science festival 2009

IMGP2721.JPGIMGP2753.JPGOn August 1-2, Youngers' Science Festival 2009 was held at Izumo Science Center. We demonstared two prototype systems: One is a fluid-based dip interface and the other a multimedia table system. Around 1,000 visiters came to our booth and enjoyed interacting with the systems. It was really exciting!

The 26th National Conference of Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

IMGP3027.JPGIMGP3047.JPGWe hosted the 26th National Conference of Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (JSSST) which was held at Shimane University in September 15 through 18. September is the best season for visitors and we hope all of them enjoyed the stay in Matsue as well as technical programs. At the special session titled "Tells the Truth - What is Open Source Software," we had four distinguished speakers, Dr. Tetsuo Noda, Dr. Noriko Arai, Dr. Ikuo Nakata, and Dr. Shugo Maeda. Their talks were really interesting!
IMGP3023.JPGWe served Japanese sweets, Wagashi, in breaks since Matsue is known for Japanese sweets. Specially decorated sweets named "Hasamigiku" made by craftsmen were also presented. 

Lecture organized jointly by three libraries in Shimane

IMGP3277.JPGIMGP3240.JPGShimane Prefectural Library, Matsue City Library, and Shimane University Library jointly organized a lecture titled "Traveling to Edo, Learning from Meiji" in October 4th. This was the third of the lecture series, and held as one of the opening events of the university hall. We invited four speakers. They presented wide variety of topics which include geography, history, law, literature in Shimane at Edo and Meiji periods. In addition to this, we had an exhibition on the same topic at the university library from October 3rd to 11th. Over 400 people visited. I really appreciate support and cooperation given by the staff members and visiters.

HISS student symposium in Yamaguchi

The 11th HISS Student Symposium sponsored by IEEE Hiroshima Section was held in Yamaguchi. This symposium is unique in the sense that university students all organize it by themselves. This year, 52 students in 7 universities worked together as committee members. As to technical programs, a keynote speech, 172 poster presentations, a panel, and an invited talk were given. Next symposium will be held in Shimane. See you next year in Matsue!

Meeting of IEICE special interesting group on knowledge-based software engineering in Matsue

We hosted an IEICE SIG meeting at our university. Unfortunately the meeting conflicted with an entrance examination, and I gave inconvenience. Sorry for that. Good point was that we had 17 presentations in total, including the one I presented. Thank you for coming to Matsue!

Winter seminar in 3D content creation

We had a winter seminar in 3D content creation which was sponsored by Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology. Students of Shimane University and Matsue College of Technology, who are interested in 3D content creation, participated in the seminar. Lecturers who worked for Studio WA ORIENT Corp. were invited for it. Participants experienced in operating virtools, a software for creation of 3D contents, and tried to create a pinball game as an exercise.


Shimane research seeds exchange 2010

IMGP3495.JPGIMGP3497.JPGShimane University and Matsue College of Technology held an open conference on information technology at Kunibiki Messe, Matsue, in cooperation with Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation. This was motivated to promote further exchange among university/college and industries. Eight oral presentations and twenty poster presentations were given there. We demonstrated a fluid-based dip interface and received a lot of valuable comments. Accidentally we were interviewed by San-in Chuo Shimpo Press, and an article explaining our research appeared in its newspaper. 

Graduation party

IMGP3600.JPGI invited students in my lab for a graduation party. This year 4 master and 6 undergraduate students completed their study. Congratulations!! The students gave me a photo with frame. It was surprising. I'm a lucky person.

Seminar of 3D content creation in 2010

IMG_2978.JPGThis seminar aims at promoting development of students' experiences of 3D content creation 12 students participated in the seminar and learned programming with virtools. Enjoy!

Technical seminar by IEEE Hiroshima section

We hosted a seminar sponsored by IEEE Hiroshima Section. Dr. Ken'ichi Arakawa, NTT, gave his talk in a topic of "new services development in NTT Laboratories." It was interesting in the sense that we could know a new trend in ICT.

Science cafe broadcasted on TV

DSC01685.JPGScience cafes are an event for discussing about hot topics in these days. They are open to everyone who are interested in a topic chosen and, interestingly, held in a casual setting - drink and cakes are served. I served as a speaker and explained what had happened in our society from a computing viewpoint. NHK, national public broadcasting organization, came to the place and the event was broadcasted on TV!

Summer trip to Okayama

IMGP4079.JPGIMGP4045.JPGWe, laboratory members, went on a trip in summer. The main theme this year was relaxation, and we visited Yubara onsen (hot spa) in Okayama, where there is an open air bath. It was really interesting! Also, the landlady at the hotel, Kajika-So, was very very kind. She made us relaxed!

Joint meeting with Yamaguchi laboratory

IMGP4157.JPGIMGP4144.JPGWe had a technical meeting jointly with Yamaguchi laboratory at Yamaguchi University. All members of the two laboratories met in Hiroshima which lies halfway between Yamaguch and Shimane, and presented their research. This was motivated by consideration that students should have experiences through collaboration with others.

12th HISS student symposium at Matsue!

IMGP4383.JPGIMGP4348.JPGHISS is the most important event for IEEE Hiroshima Section. This year, it was held on our homeground, Matsue. 174 technical presentations were given, in addition to a keynote, a special talk, and a session which was targeted at high/junior school students as possible future engineers. I know that organizing the symposium was really hard work for the organizing committee members (students). They did excellent work. I really appreciated it


Shimane research seeds exchange 2011

IMGP4800.JPGThe event was held on March 8th at Kunibiki Messe this year. We demonstrated an interactive AR system running on iPhone, and showed a video explaining some other research systems in our laboratory. 

Trip to Oki island

IMGP5312.JPGIMGP5232.JPGLaboratory members and I went on a summer trip to Oki island in Shimane. It is located on the north of Matsue, and takes 2 hours and half by a ferryboat. The island is small ... but an amazing space. Especially, the sea was very beautiful. Indigo blue! Students showed us nice diving into the water. Clap my hands!

Tenth-anniversary gift

IMG_3084.JPGTen years have passed since I came to Shimane. Students kindly gave me a digital photo frame in commemoration of it. Photos which were taken at events in my laboratory had been set in the photo frame. It gives me lasting memories of special days.

Presentation at seminar of 3D content creation

IMG_3078.JPGIMG_3075.JPGA seminar of 3D content creation was held as usual with the support of Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology. At the last day of the seminar, students demonstrated their contents. They were all attractive.

Student presentation at international conference

IMGP5544.JPGMy student and I participated in ISM2011 conference held at Dana Point in California. This was the first time fo him to go abroad. He presented our paper on the topic of multimedia table system. When the conference was over, we had a dinner wth other participants at a seafood restaurant. Dishes were very delicious.


FROGMAN appeard at 3D content creation event

サイン.jpgIMGP5633.JPGStudents of Shimane University and Matsue College of Technology who are interested in 3D content creation participated in a short-term intensive seminar. Two professionals from DLE, one is FROGMAN who is a director of Eagle Talonwere, were invited and gave a special talk .

Graduation party

IMGP5690.JPGIMGP5674.JPGGraduation party was held at a restaurant this year also. We enjoyed eating, drinking, and talking. Students gave me nice drying flowers whose blue color was very impressive. Good luck to them all!

Shimane research seeds exchange 2012

IMGP5697-tate.jpgAt the event this year, we demonstrated two research prototypes: fluid-based dip interface system and multimedia table system. It was a good experience for us to make the systems more practical.

Invitation of a researcher from Sri Lanka

DSC_0037.jpgWe invited my colleague from Sri Lanka to our university for two months with the support of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). We visited several research institutes for pursuing e-learning research. We will extend the study toward development of the relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka.

10th anniversary party

IMG_0022a.jpgIMGP5911.JPGAn exciting party was held in celebration of 10th anniversar of my laboratory in Shimane University. Past students came to meet in Matsue. I was very pleased to meet them.

New technology presentation meeting

We had a presentation at New Technolgy Presentation Meeting in Tokyo on July 13th under the title of "Fruitful human-computer interactions in contact with water", which was organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency. It was really exciting and we were contacted by several industries. We are going to accerelate this movement so as to make it possible to transfer our results of research to the marketplace and society.

Lab trip to Kyoto

IMGP6254.JPGIMGP6260.JPGLab members had an enjoyable trip to Kyoto. After 5 hours bus ride, we left luggeges at a hotel and visited Kiyomizu-dera temple which is known in its unique architecture with a large veranda supported by tall pillars. At night time, we watched a football game on TV, where the national women's football team, called Nadeshiko Japan, competed for the championship. On the next day, we visited Arashiyama, a pleasant touristy district. Bamboo thicket was really impressive.

HISS symposium in Okayama

IMGP6562.JPGHISS student symposium suponsored by IEEE Hiroshima Section was held in Okayama. We participated in the event and demonstrated our foot motion-based interface system., as well as a poster presentation


Graduation party

IMGP6664-tate.jpg We had a graduation party of our laboratory at Be-d'oro restaurant. A bottle of Japanese sake and tumblers with the letter of year "2013"were kindly given by students. Thank you all for their hearty consideration. Congratulations on their graduation!

Seminar for developing 3D content creators

IMG_3189.JPGA seminar for developing 3D content creators has just started in May. Students learn how actually games can be created with enchant.js which is a simple JavScript framework for creation of games, in cooperation with Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology. .We are hoping that many students enjoy programming and will become skilled computer software professionals. It would be nice if some of the students will work for industries in Shimane in future.

Summer Trip to Mie

IMGP7082.JPGThis summer, lab members visited Mie prefecture. Main places we visited were Ise Jingu shrine and Nagashima Spa Resort. The Ise Jingu shrine is one of the most well known shrines in Japan. Moreover, it is very special that a God's house is renewed this year - this event is achieved every 20 years. On the other hand, at Nagashima Spa Resort, we enjoyed a variety of attractions - specially, roller coasters. Memorable summer days.

Joint Student Presentation

IMG_3207.JPGWe had a meeting at which graduate students in Kakuda laboratory of Hiroshima City University and our laboratory presented their research. It was really impressive.